Oriol Grau – CEO

Member of management team at Enreco 2000. Founder and Manager Boxes Sant Andreu, S.L. Graduated in Business Administration, Higher Administration and Finance (LOE) Technical. Master MBA in curse. linkedin de oriol grau

Ferrán Grau – CTO

Manager of Technological Development. Manager Rehisa, S.A, Technical Manager Enreco 2000 S.L., Co-authored several patents. Industrial Design Engineer; Technical Degree in Computer Science and Telecommunications.linkedin de oriol grau


Félix A. López – COO

Development of new technological applications. Doctor in Chemistry, Valladolid University. University Lecturer. Scientific Researcher in Spanish Research Council (CSIC).linkedin de oriol grau

Ruth Castellar – CFO

Account Manager. CFO at Enreco 2000, S.L., Enoc S.L., Rehisa. Master Degree on Accounts Management and Managment Control; Master Degree on Tax Consultancy and Management. Master Business Administration. BA in Political Science and Public Administration.


Roger Grau – Industrial Tech

Design Technological Development. Industrial and Building Delineation Technician. He has developed several Patents along with other team members.

Mª Teresa García – CHRO

Marketing and HR Manager. Cofounder and Manager of Enreco 2000 S.L. Cofounder of Espai Natural d’oci i cultura, S.L. Master Degree on Accounts Management and Managment Control. Master Degree on Tax Consultancy and Management.


Olga Rodríguez Largo – CCO

Internationalization. PhD in Chemistry in Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Researcher in CSIC. More than 10 years of experience in research projects related to the recycling of materials.linkedin de oriol grau